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Pattaizer 1.5: An unusual pattern picture generator with a creative twist

Pattaizer 1.5

Do for free what professional applications do: paint pictures from patterns. It has a vast palette of creating photorealistic effects from any picture or photograph. Including changing patterns and create video footage. Nine predefined patterns and a healthy dose of user interactive creativity will result in unusual pictures. It`s freeware from the makers of Mosaizer Pro and Textaizer Pro

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Super Splash 3D 1.2: Super Splash 3D brings virtual, multi-lingual coloring creativity to your PC!

Super Splash 3D 1.2

Super Splash 3D brings immersive, multi-lingual coloring creativity to your PC! Join Quackers the duck on his adventure to bring color back to the world! Be taken on a wonderful journey through magical forests, deep oceans and strange lands... Anything is possible! Super Splash 3D features real-time 3D graphics, an interactive world to explore and color, as well as dialogue in the English, Spanish, French and Polish languages.

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FMF Skin Creator 1.0: FMF Skin Creatorâ„¢ is software for creating new menu skins for Flash Menu Facto

FMF Skin Creator 1.0

creativity and design new menu skins that will meet their needs. FMF Skin Creator includes a Quick Start Guide, a detailed Help and example and template files that will help you learn how to create your own skins. What you need: FMF Skin Creator Flash Menu Factory (Demo or PRO version) A Flash Authoring software (like Adobe`s Flash) ...Creativity! menu drop down,free site web,menu down,drop menu,menu drop,menu javascript,javascript menu,web maker

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ArcSoft Print Creations A family of fun and easy print-projects that brings out the creativity in you.

ArcSoft Print Creations

creativity in you. Let`s see the three strong and powerful features in the following: 1. Create photo creativity with various templates Print Creations offer hundreds of templates and creative contents authored by professional artists. You can use the templates to easily create greeting card, scrapbook, calendar, brochure, poster, photo album, etc. according to your needs. 2. Customize photo creations with easy-to-use editing tools Print Creations

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Web Creator Pro 3.0: Advanced visual effects: drop shadow, transparency and more without programming.

Web Creator Pro 3.0

Web Creator Pro 3`s innovative technology gives you impressive graphic creativity without any programming or plug-ins. Choose a template, then customize it with advanced 3D visual effects: frames, partial transparency, drop shadows+. Insert your elements: images, animations, sounds, texts, videos... Match your template colors to your logo or subject with the color picker. Create interactivity: rollovers, menus, buttons, forms, password areas.

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Eltima Java/SWING Components 3.5: Extend standard visual library with new styles from Eltima Java/SWING Components

Eltima Java/SWING Components 3.5

Eltima Java/SWING Components extend the standard set of Visual Java library components, offering new ways to present your creativity to clients. You can add new attractive styles to your software, buttons, color dialogs and integrate Eltima Java/SWING Components into your Java applications or applets. Currently Eltima Java Components Library includes 21 main visual components and 3 additional types. Each of them has its own unique features.

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Mosaizer.Pro 9.3: Not just another photo mosaic creator! it`s a creative photo editing toolset.

Mosaizer.Pro 9.3

Not just another photo mosaic creator! Mosaizer Pro is a set of professional creativity tools to work with a large number of bitmaps. Alpha masks, 3D effects, adaptive tile size meshing, textures, pre- and post-processing filters are key for creative photo editing. One of the special tools, the `Mosaizer`, recreates a picture from pieces of itself. Many picture formats can be used and there`s hardly any limit to the result size.

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ScriptVOX Studio 1.8.2: Bring your stories to life with ScriptVOX Studio

ScriptVOX Studio 1.8.2

ScriptVOX Studio is an easy to use text-to-speech tool for writers that will open up a new window on creativity. ScriptVOX will allow you to quickly add voices and images to your story, screenplay or movie script. Unlimited Voices: Assign a custom voice for each actor from a single text-to-speech voice using the powerful voice-changing engine. Add your own recorded voice-over or import voice talent from audio files.

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Artistic Effects 1.8: Use professional artwork effects without having to pay mega for this plug-in!

Artistic Effects 1.8

Looking at human creativity as an engine of modern graphical design, the situation with pricy graphics software seems unfair. Is there any chance for amateur computer artists to get the proper tools at a fair price? There is! Introducing Artistic Effects! A collection of image filters that make up professional computer artist toolbox. This unique effects pack has all that you may need to start creating fantastic colorful artwork right away!

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